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When you think of Vintage Radio you think of a hard-boiled Shamus dukeing it out with the bad guy and getting the dame. We've got your P.I. right here... shows like Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar, The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe, Dragnet, Richard Diamond, P.I., and the original detective drama Sherlock Holmes. You'll find these and many more from the detective genre on Vintage Radio Please download a few of our favorites here and then join and start downloading the rest.

The Maltese Falcon

In honor of the 75th anniversary of the publication of Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon, we're offering the Academy Award Theater's rendition of this most famous of detective shows.

July 3, 1946 - Academy Award Theater

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

This our favorite of the genre. Follow the details of Johnny's "action packed expense account" with actor Bill Bailly, the best Johnny Dollar ever.

The Lorco Diamonds Matter Part 1

The Lorco Diamonds Matter Part 2

The Lorco Diamonds Matter Part 3

The Lorco Diamonds Matter Part 4

The Lorco Diamonds Matter Part 5

Richard Diamond, P.I.

Dick Powell is "Radio's Singing Gumshoe" in this witty, banter filled classic. Rick nails a killer in this program from March 21, 1952.

The Hank Burton Case

Raymond Chandler's The Adventures of Philip Marlow

The ultimate hard boiled detective bad boy Philip Marlow opened: "Get this, and get it straight: Crime is a sucker's road and those who travel it wind up in the gutter, the prison or the grave. There's no other end ... but they never learn!"

Gerald Mohr stars in The Dear Dead Days

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