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Show Name Date Aired
Luke Eats Lunch Alone July 21, 1940
Luke Is Taking The Train Back To Birch Falls November 3, 1940
Luke Has Walked Out On Myra, And Is Homesick November 3, 1940
The Emporium's Women Customers Are Remaining Loyal October 27, 1940
Poor Lonely Luke, He's Regretting The Loss Of Home October 27, 1940
All The Customers Are Wondering Where Luke Is October 20, 1940
Luke Is In A Very Quiet Hotel October 20, 1940
Luke Leaves Birch Falls On A Train October 13, 1940
Luke's Had All He Can Take Being Polite With Myra October 13, 1940
Luke And Myra Continue Their Personal War In The Truck September 1, 1940
Luke's Resolve To Be An Ideal Husband Has Turned The Tide September 1, 1940
Myra Has Taken Up A Radio Career July 28, 1940
Myra's Speech About American Homelife July 21, 1940
Dress Shop To Have Its Grand Opening unknown
Luke Convinces Miss Timmons To Marry Windy Bill unknown
Bob Is Angry At Being Left Out unknown
The Herald Is In Deep Trouble unknown
Luke Announces That The Herald Will Close unknown
Windy Bill Is Upset About The Robinson Family Finances unknown
Family Meeting To Try To Save The Herald unknown
Windy Bill's Plans For The Factory unknown
Luke Tries To Get Windy Bill To Apologize To Miss Timmons unknown
Windy Bill Is Bragging To Miss Timmons unknown
Windy Bill Is Offered A Job By Mr. Jason unknown
Windy Bill Makes A Speech unknown
Windy Bill Has Moved In With Dick And Betty unknown
Dick And Betty Are Returning From Their Honeymoon unknown
Windy Bill Feels That He's Made A Horrible Mistake unknown
Luke And Miss Timmons Are Planning A Defense Against Windy Bill unknown
Windy Bill Breaks Into Jail To Visit Dick Collins unknown

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