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Show Name Date Aired
Witchcraft Law unknown
Florence Maybrick unknown
Frederick Stewart unknown
General Charles Leward unknown
George Smith unknown
Great Gold Robbery unknown
Greeneyed Monster unknown
Henri Perot unknown
Henry Fauntleroy unknown
Hunted Hunter unknown
Jack the Ripper unknown
Jim the Penman unknown
Just a Matchstick and a Duster unknown
Kindly Doctor unknown
Fiction Is Stranger Than Truth unknown
Fence unknown
Family Soliciter unknown
Accurate Spelling Is Essential unknown
Bank of England Robbery unknown
Black Market Murder unknown
Blodie Belgium unknown
Bone from a Voice Box unknown
Brothers Staunton unknown
Buckets of Blood unknown
Burke and Hare unknown
Captain X unknown
Charles Piece unknown
Counterfeiter unknown
Crime On The Railway unknown
Dr Ruxton Axe Killer unknown

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