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Show Name Date Aired
Buck Rogers Origin Story April 5, 1939
Gyro Cosomic Relativator May 3, 1939
Black Barney is Gathering Destructive Weapons April 26, 1939
Willie Crash-lands His Rocket Roadster April 23, 1939
Dr. Huer's New Relativator Is Installed April 21, 1939
Black Barney is Under Control of Killer Kane April 19, 1939
Dr. Huer Searches for Impentrite April 16, 1939
Kane and Ardala April 14, 1939
The Psychic Restriction April 12, 1939
Willie and Black Barney April 10, 1939
Installing the Gyro Cosmic Relativator April 7, 1939
Last show March 28, 1947
Buck Rogers' 1st Popsicle unknown
Unknown unknown
Unknown unknown

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