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Show Name Date Aired
If Marie Antoinette Escaped The Guillotine October 25, 1953
If America's First Secret Weapon December 20, 1953
If Alexander The Great Lived December 13, 1953
If The Alaska Purchase Didn't Happen December 6, 1953
If The French Won The Battle Of Quebec November 29, 1953
If the French Opposed Hitler in 1936 November 22, 1953
If Lincoln Obtained The Job He Wanted November 1, 1953
If Hamilton Killed Burr October 18, 1953
Queen Elizabeth I And The Earl Of Essex October 11, 1953
If Lee Had Accepted Lincoln's Offer October 4, 1953
If Julius Caesar Wed Cleopatra November 15, 1953
If Benedict Arnold Had Succeeded November 8, 1953
If Fate Prevented The Norman Conquest December 27, 1953

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