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Show Name Date Aired
Yesterday You Died unknown
White Scarf Strangler unknown
Alive in His Grave unknown
Anna unknown
Aunt May unknown
Blood Sisters unknown
Cat's Whiskers unknown
Day of Truce unknown
Death in Your Hands unknown
Death on the Road unknown
Ever Loving Doll unknown
Inn Spectre unknown
Isle of Lost Souls unknown
Room for the Night unknown
Three Wishes unknown
The Imposter unknown
The Dummy unknown
Don't Go Down the Mine unknown
Man in the Morgue unknown
Midnight Express unknown
Mystery of the Mausoleum unknown
Bring Back Her Bones unknown
Cat Woman unknown
Dangerous Dive unknown
Don't Take My Blood unknown
Ghost at Ridgeways unknown
Happier Dead unknown
Haunted Hangman unknown
I See Ghosts unknown
Man in the Lift unknown

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