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Show Name Date Aired
Cask Of Amontialado January 5, 1953
Diamonds Of Death August 31, 1953
The Sea Phantom August 24, 1953
The Man From The Second Earth August 10, 1953
Stone's Revenge August 7, 1953
The Automaton July 27, 1953
Man In Black July 6, 1953
Temple Of Huitzilipochle June 29, 1953
Jewels Of Kali June 15, 1953
The Hand Of Botar June 3, 1953
Dance of The Devil Dolls February 9, 1953
The Masks Of Ashor March 9, 1953
Return From Death April 6, 1953
Demon Of The Night April 13, 1953
Out Of The Sky April 20, 1953
The Crawling Thing May 18, 1953
The Tell-Tale Heart June 1, 1953
The Treasure of Kublai Khan unknown
The Silver Flask unknown
The Night the Fog Came unknown
Castle of Lavoca unknown
Bracelet of Amoniris unknown
Black Figurine Death unknown
The Shadow People unknown
The Undead unknown
Serenade For A Cobra unknown
Mars Is Heaven unknown
Marquise Of Death unknown
He Who Follows Me unknown
Twisting Weeds of Death unknown

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