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Show Name Date Aired
The Continental Express unknown
The Black White Man unknown
Grains Of Death unknown
Hairy Wild Man unknown
Malay Madness unknown
The Pale Flame unknown
Storm On The Sea unknown
The Fawn unknown
Kaditcha unknown
Mukin In The Khyber unknown
The Madonnas Tear unknown
Dead Men Walk unknown
Living Mummy unknown
Mad Monk Of Ankor Wat unknown
The Fire Dog unknown
Hidden Fangs unknown
The Treasure Hunt unknown
The Manchurian Limited unknown
Pancho Villas Treasure unknown
The Borneo Diamond unknown
The Frozen North unknown
Land Of Doomed Souls unknown
Land Of Death unknown
Land Of Darkness unknown
Land Of The Black Hand unknown
India The Mystery Land unknown
The Tattooed Rose unknown
Norway's Luck unknown
TheElephantsGraveyard unknown
The Living Shroud unknown

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