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FTP Access Could not be Easier

Through FTP (File Transfer Protocol) you can gain access to the whole Vintage Radio Shows.Com library easily. Blazingly fast downloads, even whole folders at once. Just log on using your favorite FTP client and suck the server dry!

Free clients can be found for Windows and the Mac. In fact you are probably using an FTP client now as Microsoft Internet Explorer is itself a rudimentary FTP client.

Once you register and purchase an initial download package of 1, 3 or 5 gigabytes (1 gigabyte = about 200 shows) you'll have a username and password. Then simply enter into the software's 'host' or 'server' field and your username and password into the appropriate field and connect. It's very simple and easy.

We provide 1 gigabyte ($5.90), 3 gigabytes ($17.10) and 5 gigabyte ($27.50) packages that provide you with the download credits to match your level of interest.

Windows Instructions Mac

1) Create an account on our FTP server and purchase credits.
filezilla 2) Windows user? Download Filezilla. Got a Mac? You want Cyberduck, both are free. filezilla
otr FTP site manager
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3) Enter in your member information in your FTP Client. otr vintage radio
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otr vintage radio
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4) Log on to our server. otr vintage radio
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our otr FTP server
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5) Start downloading files and folders otr vintage radio
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