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Show Name Date Aired
The Museum MysteryDecember 10, 1941
Set-up for Re-entryOctober 4, 1944
Spring FeverMay 19, 1948
The Deadly SnowflakeMay 26, 1948
The Unknown SourceJuly 14, 1948
The Money MachineApril 11, 1951
Death by Adoptionunknown
Hijack Killerunknown
Labor Piratesunknown
The Bank Killerunknown
The Blackmail Murderunknown
The Blood Harvestunknown
The Cop Killerunknown
The Lady Gamblersunknown
The Man with the Gold Teethunknown
The Missing Corpseunknown
The Motorcycle Club Killerunknown
Thieves Fall Outunknown

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